Light on the Hill is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization supervised by a Board of Directors.
The co-directors are husband and wife, Lawrence Muscat and Alice McDowell.

Alice McDowell holds a PhD in theology from Fordham University and has taught religious studies at Ithaca College for 18 years. She has trained with energetic healers, humanistic and transpersonal psychologists, Sufi guides, and Christian contemplatives, and has guided people in their personal and spiritual journeys for over 30 years.  She draws upon her diverse training and life experience to help others awaken to their true selves.

Lawrence Muscat is a student of the Mysteries, both ancient and modern. An ordained minister, he is a full time receptionist, cook and jack-of-all-trades at Light on the Hill.

Board of Directors

Dave M

David A. McCune is a private practice physical therapist specializing in musculoskeletal pain with emphasis on spinal dysfunction. He integrates traditional medical philosophies with spiritual and psychosocial sensibilities to assist his patients in comprehensive healing. In addition to his clinical practice he is an educator, teaching at the University level as well as presenting widely both within the United States and internationally. Dave is a 2006 graduate of the Hidden Treasure program, and he has served on the LOH Board of Directors since 2008.


Peter Fortunato is a widely published and award winning poet as well as a performer, ceremony maker, visual artist, and university teacher.  He is also a practitioner of complementary alternative medicine working in several mind/body modalities. Peter recently returned from Qatar in the Persian Gulf where he taught for four years in the Pre-Medical Program of Weill Cornell Medical College.  He is also a founding board member of Light on the Hill.


Micaela Karlsen is a 2007 graduate of the Hidden Treasure program, and a member of the Sangha for Hidden Treasure graduates at Light on the Hill. She holds a BA in psychology and an MSPH in human nutrition. In fall of 2013, she began a PhD program in nutritional epidemiology. Micaela is grateful for the healing experiences that Light on the Hill offers, and she is committed to engaging in ongoing, deep inner work. She lives with her husband Mark Karlsen and their two dogs.


David R informal


David Rutherford graduated from the Hidden Treasure program in 2012. He is the Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension in Cortland, and he lives in Ithaca with his two daughters.


Mike brochure 2

Mike Koplinka-Loehr has directed several upstate NY non-profit organizations, served the Innu of Labrador, Canada for 2 years with his family, and held elected office in Tompkins for 15 years. He has life-long passions for developing the human potential, human services, community building, and social justice. He is a 2014 graduate of the Hidden Treasure program, and a member of the Sangha for Hidden Treasures graduates at Light on the Hill.