“The whole atmosphere is so conducive to reflection and personal work that I cannot think of a better place to have a retreat. The meeting room is so well designed that it allows for both contact with other participants as well as for individual introspection. The views from the continual window are so relaxing and beautiful that one feels very close to nature. One can enjoy the sunset or the sunrise and feel flooded with light. The rooms are comfortable and each of one of them has a very special view. Just what you need when on a retreat! The food was prepared with much care, it was very tasty, abundant and very healthy. I really appreciated how the staff worked in complete silence so that the retreat participants did not have outside distractions. The trails in the woods are spectacular, with multiple ponds and gentle hills. The labyrinths are well placed and give an added site to walk and find peace. And going to specifics, the price was so reasonable for the service provided that our group will certainly go back there, hopefully next year. Please, do not change a thing!“

Maria-Teresa Romero

“I loved staying at LOH. It is one of the few places, including retreat centers, I have been able to enter and stay in comfortably, with my multiple chemical sensitivities. I so appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that goes into every aspect of the building, grounds, and care. I went out for a walk on my first day, and spent 3 1/2 hours in bliss. I really connected with the land, and the season, and spent time outside every day. It was beyond bliss.“

Molly Rose

“What an extraordinary space you and Larry have created! It was super quiet and yet held immense energy and presence. I like that the shape of the room mimics the central room in the lodge. I felt right at home.“

Jean Stephens (about Stillpoint Sanctuary)

“I have been visiting Light on the Hill since 1990, which was around the time it began, and have done so much deep, transformative work there that I feel "all my changes are there." My husband and I even got married there. It is a very special place, run by a very special couple, Alice and Larry. I feel called to Light on the Hill when I am at a crossroads or in the "valley of unknowing" and seek clarity and direction. I embarked on this week's retreat with a specific intention in mind. During the course of a retreat, one is drawn more deeply in touch with the divine Self each day. Read more here.“

Susan Meyer