Meals at LOH BrunaLight on the Hill offers retreatants and groups the choice of bringing their own food and preparing it themselves (retreatants can do so in their cottage kitchens and groups in the Inner Light Lodge’s commercial kitchen),  or, we can provide and prepare it for you. Meals at Light on the Hill are gourmet vegetarian with many vegan options. We use organic ingredients wherever possible.

If a person has a more restrictive diet than vegan, we will accommodate it as best we can with advanced notice, and will add $5/day to the food cost. The person can also bring his or her own food. Those wanting meat can bring cold cuts and cans of tuna, etc. but no meat is allowed to be cooked on the premises. We ask that no liquor be served. We receive high praise about the food we serve.

We provide coffee, tea, and light snacks (fruit, nuts, nut butters, and rice cakes) throughout the day in the lodge.

Individuals or small groups in the cottages or huts who elect to have meals have two choices: They can

RetreatDinner1. make their own breakfast and lunch with food already provided in the cottages and receive a hot dinner prepared elsewhere and brought down to the cottages ($30 per person/day), or

2. bring their own food for breakfast and lunch and have a hot dinner brought down to them at dinner ($20 per person/day).



Information about meal rates can be found here.