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Stillpoint Sanctuary

In September 2013, we celebrated the dedication of Stillpoint Sanctuary, a small chapel near the lodge labyrinth. The sanctuary serves as a focal and grounding point for the retreat center. Those engaged in prayer and meditation in this sacred space continually reinforce and deepen this center point, thus affecting and uplifting the whole.

The simple interior is graced with meditation cushions and comfortable chairs, and accommodates 6-8 people. It has its own distinctive look, but reflects some of the same elements as the Inner Light Lodge. Large windows look out onto a quiet woodland scene.

Those walking the labyrinth can deepen their experience by visiting the sanctuary afterwards. This sacred space also provides a “retreat within a retreat,” where individuals attending a group retreat in the lodge can find a place reserved for quiet solitude, reflection, and insight.

The sanctuary is open to the public at any time of day or night for prayer and meditation.

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