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Stillpoint Emerging

At the celebration of Light on the Hill’s 20th anniversary in June 2011, we announced our vision for creating a small chapel near the lodge labyrinth which we are calling Stillpoint Sanctuary.

Architectural plans created by Jason Demarest captured our vision for the space. Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, we were able to begin building in March 2013.

A groundbreaking ceremony on March 30th gave us a chance to offer prayers, shovel some earth, and share in celebratory refreshments.

Building progressed rapidly, as the foundation was laid with in-floor heating coils, and the cement was poured.

As the cement was drying, we wrote the names of the four archangels situated in the four directions: Raphael, the angel of healing, as you enter; Oriel, the angel of light, in the meditation room; Michael, the angel of protection, on the north side facing the road: and Gabriel, the messenger, on the side facing the lodge. We also wrote two lines from a prayer by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

“Open our hearts that we might hear thy voice…Disclose to us thy divine light which is hidden in our souls…”

The trees for the pillars at the entry were cut from our land. Intricate framing supports both the exterior and the interior.

Builder, Mike Ward, captured this view looking up through the cupola of the chapel.

The sheetrockers did an excellent job with the difficult angles in the cupola.

The stone siding helps to ground the sanctuary and highlight its connection to the Earth.

The keystone and two other stones in the front entrance (the dark ones on each side of the arch) came from our land. These stones with ancient fossils were found when excavating Inner Light Lodge.

Stillpoint Dedication Front view

 All the details fall into place in time for the Dedication Day, September 14th, when friends of Light on the Hill gathered for a brief ceremony, offering blessings and prayers of thanksgivings for all who helped to make this special place possible.