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Lodging Rates for Inner Light Lodge

Inner Light Lodge is reserved for group retreat use only. The lodging rate for group retreats in the Lodge is $89/person/night (effective January 2024).

The commuter rate (for participants in a group retreat who do not stay overnight at Light on the Hill) is $40/person/day.

The day-use rate for weekday daytime retreats in the Lodge with no overnight stay is $40/person.

If there is no schedule conflict and participants or leaders need to arrive early, the standard fee of $89 per night applies.

If a group retreat in Inner Light Lodge uses the Cottages and Huts as well as the Lodge, the rate for guests in the Cottages is $89/person/night for single occupancy, and $68/person/night multiple persons in a particular Cottage. The rate for the Huts is $53/person/night.

The leader of a group retreat scheduled for Inner Light Lodge will be charged for a minimum number of participants, whether or not they actually have that number of participants. The minimum is based on the length of the retreat:

  • Minimum for Overnight Retreats
    Note: Commuters do not count toward the minimum number.
    • 1-night retreat (only available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday): 18 participants for lodging and food
    • 2-night retreat: 17 participants for lodging, 18 for food (one leader gets free lodging)
    • 3- or 4-night retreat: 16 participants for lodging, 17 for food (one leader gets free lodging)
    • 5+ night retreat: 15 participants for lodging, 16 for food (one leader gets free lodging)
  • Minimum for Daytime Retreats (no overnight stay)
    • 18 people

A deposit is required to reserve the Lodge, according to the length of the group retreat.

  • Daytime retreat (no overnight) and one-day retreat: $500 deposit
  • 2-, 3-, or 4-night retreat: $1000 deposit
  • 5+ night retreat: $2000 deposit

The minimum lodging and food charge is due two months prior to the retreat. The remaining lodging and food balance is due on the last day of the retreat.

If a group leader cancels or reschedules a retreat reserved in the Lodge, the leader is subject to additional charges or fees, depending on when such changes are made. For details, please review the reservation and cancellation policy.

Individual and Small Group Retreat Lodging

We use a sliding scale for the Cottage and Huts to make these spaces available to as many people as possible. We ask our guests to consider their own resources and ability to contribute when they select how much they will pay.

Pathlight Cottage (near the Lodge)

$95-125/person per 24 hours; $75-105/person/night for 2+ people per 24 hours.
Two-night minimum.

Woods and Meadow Cottages

$80-110/person for 1 person per 24 hours, $60-90/person for more than 1 person per 24 hours.
Two-night minimum.

The sliding scale for the Healing Hut and Pond Hut is $45-65/person per 24 hours.

Reservations are on a 24-hour basis. Check-in is available for an individual or small group retreat between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Those arriving for a retreat after 6pm will be charged a convenience fee of $25. The scheduled check-in time dictates the check-out time. (That is, if a guest’s scheduled check-in time is noon, they will check out on their last day by noon.) If a guest chooses to check out on their last day later than their scheduled check-in time on the first day, they will be charged a prorated rate for additional hours. Such extended check-outs are subject to building availability and cleaning schedule and must be arranged in advance.

All cottages and huts are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Full accommodation payment is due within seven days of reservation. Cancellations or schedule changes are subject to additional fees or charges, depending on when the changes are made. For details, please review the reservation and cancellation policy.

Day Use of Cottages and Huts: Individuals may come to Light on the Hill for a daytime retreat in one of the cottages or huts without staying overnight, either on their own or as part of a small group.  Day-use retreat reservations are available in the cottages and huts for weekdays only, unless a day-use guest is booking less than two weeks prior to the retreat, in which case a weekend day-use reservation may be possible. The day-use fee for one individual is $45/day, and the day-use fee per person as part of a small group retreat is $30/day per person. The limit is one day only, unless part of a small group retreat that has overnight guests. Day-use guests who are not part of a small group retreat with overnight guests may arrive any time after 9 am and must depart by 6pm. Day-use guests who are part of a small group with overnight guests may arrive and depart according to the group’s schedule. On the last day of the retreat, they are expected to depart when the overnight guests depart.

Commuters for Small Group Retreats: An overnight small group retreat in a cottage or hut may have additional day-time participants who do not spend the night. These guests are called commuters. Commuters are charged the day-use rate for each day they participate in a small group retreat.

See grid below to find out total cost for the different types of individual and group retreats.

Individual Food Costs

We are unable to provide meals for individual retreatants at this time.

Group Food Costs

At Inner Light Lodge: Meal cost is $63/person per day for three served meals (effective January 2024). Breakfast is $17, Lunch is $20, and Dinner is $26. We will prorate meal costs depending on when a group arrives and departs (e.g., group pays only for breakfast and lunch if they leave after lunch on final day). All participants must pay for all the meals slated for that retreat. If a group makes allowances for commuters, commuters must pay the same food costs as regular retreatants.


Lodging (CLICK HERE to plan your individual retreat)

Pathlight Cottage
Woods or Meadow Cottage
Retreat Huts
Sliding scale:
$95 – $125 per 24 hours
Sliding scale:
$80 – $110 per 24 hours
Sliding scale:
$45 – $65 per 24 hours

Retreat Guidance

Sliding Scale for Retreat Guidance (add to Accommodations)
  Self Guided Retreat
  Accommodations cost only
  Partially Guided Retreat
  + $65 – $85 for 1 hour; $45 for 30 minutes
  Guided Retreat
  + $65 – $85 per day; minimum three days
  Healing Retreat
  + $65 – $85 per session


(CLICK HERE to plan your group retreat)

Pathlight Cottage per 24 hrs.
Woods or Meadow Cottage per 24 hrs.
Retreat Huts per 24 hours
Inner Light Lodge per night
Sliding scale:
$95 – $125 per person
Sliding scale:
$60 – $90 per person
Sliding scale:
$45 – $65 per person
(subject to group minimum)
  Plus Meals
Not available
Not available
Not available
3 served meals ($60/person)