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The Marriage of Meditation and Yoga in a Time of COVID-19 — NOW ON ZOOM

December 30, 2021 - January 3, 2022

A New Year’s Meditation Retreat led by Jeff Collins and Gisela Konrad, Offered Via Zoom

As much as we wanted to offer an in-person version of the New Years Retreat this year, we have now decided to cancel that retreat and to offer the Zoom version of the retreat instead.

We have offered a six-day silent meditation retreat at Light on the Hill since 2005, but we offered the retreat on Zoom last year because of Covid-19. After initially offering an “In-Person” retreat this year, we have come to feel that it is best to stay with Zoom for another time around. This will be the fourth Zoom retreat we have led, and we have been very impressed with the real impact of these retreats, although maybe especially last New Year’s retreat. We have even been able to slightly modify and carry forward some of our retreat rituals. The picture above is of Gisela just after the candle lightening ritual we traditionally do on New Years Eve.

We are aware that this retreat will happen in your actually lived human life. Some may be able to give themselves over completely to the retreat, but others will need to weave the retreat work into the demands of their “at home” lives. What we ask is that when you can participate in the retreat schedule, do so wholeheartedly, and when you need to deal with other life activities, carry the retreat‘s orientation of heart and mind into those activities.

The basic perspective of Buddhism is that life is inherently uncertain and ungraspable, but in this particular time, the whole fabric of life on this planet seems on fire. The suffering in this suffering world has intensified for so many beings. We will definitely be open to the presence of this intensification in the teachings in this retreat, but we will also be working with practices grounded in love, compassion, joy and a realistic possibility of acceptance and participation.

The retreat will flow from periods of sitting meditation to walking meditation to several periods of yoga practice a day. The yoga is grounded in awareness of breath and body, so the awareness work moves seamlessly from meditation in seated stillness to meditation in movement. Beginners to meditation and yoga are very welcome. There will be group meeting times every day, and there will also be times available for one-on-one meetings with the teachers.

You will need to register for the retreat so that you can be on the Zoom invitation list. It is hard to figure the expenses for this retreat, but we have decided to ask for $150 as the retreat cost, which is the amount of the deposit that some of you have paid to sign up for the “in-person” version of the retreat. If this creates a hardship, please to let us know. We want this workable for everyone who wants to come. We will also accept any offerings – called dana in Sanskrit – that participants would like to make at the end of the retreat.

Beginners to yoga and meditation are very welcome. If you have any questions about this retreat, you can email Jeff Collins at tsultrim312@gmail.com, or call or text at 607-279-5590; or email Gisela Konrad at gisela@maitristudioithaca.com, or call or text her at 607-279-3668.

Retreat Leaders
Gisela Konrad and Jeff Collins

Cost of Retreat
Registration is $150.

To Register
Please register by either sending an email to Jeff at tsultrim312@gmail.com.

Jeff Collins is a retired hospice social worker living in Ithaca, N.Y. He has been leading silent retreats for 30 years, including at Southern Dharma in North Carolina. He has been practicing meditation in the Zen and Theravadin traditions for over 40 years and has done three three-month silent retreats at IMS. He has also been a student in Diamond Heart work for 27 years.

Gisela Konrad has been leading silent retreats for 25 years. She has been a certified yoga teacher for 30 years, studying under Gary Kraftzow, Richard Miller, and the late Joan Ruvinsky. She has completed two three-month silent retreats at IMS, and has been engaged in Diamond Heart work for five years.


December 30, 2021
January 3