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Reclaim Your Self

March 7, 2024 @ 1:00 pm - March 10, 2024 @ 1:00 pm

An Introduction to Human Design & Reconnective Breathwork

with Therese Kelsy Cunningham and Katrin Louise Naumann


This intensive is a commitment – the first step to self-empowerment. It offers you 3 content-rich, intentional days, which include an Introduction to Human Design and Reconnective Breathwork, somatic and creative experiences, encouraged sharing, and quiet time for inner and outer exploration. It is designed to awaken you and begin the process of moving you out of your homogenized comfort zone and into a life of liberation and empowerment!

In this dynamic workshop, Therese and Katrin create a compassionate safe space for you to consciously recognize, explore and own your experience and then begin to transcend the conditioned, mundane self and embrace your empowered person. Reconnect with the truth of who you are and your optimal way of being and navigating in the world. Choose to embrace the abundance and bliss that await you when you are aligned with your True Self.


Discover the 4 core jewels of your Human Design Chart, the personal treasure map (BodyGraph) that will guide and empower you to make decisions and live a vital, fulfilling life aligned with your Highest Self.

  •           ~ Centers (Energy vortexes called chakras that power your life)
  •           ~ Types/Strategies (How you generate energy & how you connect to and experience others
  •               & the map reading system that allows you to experience life without resistance)
  •           ~ Authority (How to make decisions you can trust are correct for you)
  •           ~ Profile (How to live your purpose in authenticity)

Realign with the wisdom of your body and begin to liberate yourself from perceived limitations, so you may live a vibrant, integrated, embodied, joyful existence.

  •           ~ Understand the Nature of Trauma (How it separates us from our Authentic Self)
  •           ~ Self-Awareness Somatic Practices (Yoga, Qigong, Meditation)
  •           ~ Reconnective Breathwork (Transmute the energy of trauma and stuck emotions)
  •           ~ Creative Explorations (Express your unique Inner Life through Artmaking)


Through Therese’s expert guidance, you’ll be empowered to break free from your conditioned false-self and its ways of thinking and living. She shares her deep understanding of the channeled teachings of Ra Uru Hu (Robert Allan Krakower) to help you become conscious of your uniqueness and reclaim the greatest treasure – your Authentic Self. Therese shares this practical and potent wisdom, so you may understand your specific design and begin to function in alignment with it, allowing your soul to work effortlessly through you and illuminate all aspects of your life. NOTE: Please provide Therese with your birth date, time and city no later than 1 week prior to the event, so she can generate your own personal Human Design Chart.

Katrin focuses on how the imprint of conditioning through family of origin, education, relationships, and society manifest as limiting beliefs and behaviors that separate you from your Authentic Self. She compassionately guides you to tap into greater embodied awareness through somatic (body-centered) practices that help clarify where you currently experience energy blockages and allow you to begin to dissolve and dislodge crystallized trauma. Katrin also leads illuminating, interactive explorations that invite your soul to creatively express and integrate the workshop content more fully.



About Your Retreat Leaders:

Therese Kelsy Cunningham is an accomplished, resourceful and highly enthusiastic Psychology Professional, whose work emphasizes the empowerment of self and others, while creating a conscious, loving, supportive and engaged community. Her intention is to ignite and boldly inspire the evolution of one’s unconditioned essence and authenticity, creating inner security, freedom and harmony for this life’s journey.



Katrin Naumann is Director of Inner Balance Life Works: Dynamic Self-Transformation. She began her journey of self-discovery and healing, through art, theater, and design. With the guidance of some exceptional healers and teachers, Katrin learned to transmute her own patterns related to trauma, guilt and toxic shame to become a gifted Trauma Informed Life Coach, and Intuitive Holistic Healing Artist.

***Limited to 24 participants: Register now to secure your space.***



Early Bird Special Rate – $1170 (discount reflected in balance payment)
Down payment: $456 (due 12/15/23)
Full Price Rate – $1300
Down payment: $456 (received after 12/15/23)
Balance of Payments Due: 2/1/24

Prices include Katrin and Therese’s daily teachings & experiential explorations, 3 nights of lodging in a single room in Inner Light Lodge, and delicious, energizing gourmet vegetarian meals.


Register by clicking here


For more information, contact Therese (harmonicjourneying@gmail.com) or Katrin (innerbalancelifeworks@gmail.com)



Thursday, March 7 (1 – 3 pm Arrival & Registration)
~ Introductions & Intentions, Creating Community & Connection, Veg/Vegan/GF Dinner, Evening Content + MuSiC & DaNcE PaRtY!
Friday, March 8 (7 am – 10 pm)
~ Morning Yoga, 3 Content-Rich Sessions, 3 Veg/ Vegan/ GF Meals + Personal Reset Time + Art Making
Saturday, March 9 (7 am – 10 pm)
~ Morning Qigong, 3 Content-Rich Sessions & 3 Veg/Vegan/GF Meals + Personal Leisure Time, Sharing + Reconnective Breathwork Session
Sunday, March 10 (7 am- 1 pm)
~ Morning Meditation, Veg/Vegan/GF Breakfast, Integration & Sharing, Veg/Vegan/GF Lunch + Departure


March 7, 2024 @ 1:00 pm
March 10, 2024 @ 1:00 pm