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Hidden Treasure – 3-Year Program

Hidden Treasure is a three-year course conceived by Light on the Hill’s Co-Founder and Spiritual Director, Alice McDowell. For more than twenty years, Light on the Hill has hosted the Hidden Treasure Program. Each cohort of about sixteen people gathers for five retreats a year. Alice and other instructors guide the group through a process of reflection, discovery, and spiritual transformation. To learn more about the program, see the information below, and check out the Hidden Treasure Program website.

Discover Your Hidden Treasure

Maybe you should know yourself for just one moment. 
Maybe you should glimpse your most beautiful face. 
Maybe you should sleep less deeply in your house of clay. 
Maybe you should move into the house of joy, 
and shine from every crevice. 
Maybe you are the bearer of Hidden Treasure. 
Maybe you always have been.

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There is a deep longing in us for greater fulfillment, aliveness, authenticity, and love. We frantically seek to fulfill this longing outside ourselves. Yet its fulfillment lies deep within—the hidden treasure or True Nature.

Founded in 1998, the Hidden Treasure Program, a three-year course consisting of five weekends per year, helps you to fulfill this longing and connect with your Hidden Treasure. This process of finding the hidden treasure (the pearl of great price) has taken many forms throughout the ages. It involves bringing to awareness your ego defenses, mental programming, fixed beliefs, emotional issues, and energetic blocks that hide your True Nature.

This process requires courage, commitment, and discipline, but the rewards are worth it. Graduates discover that they have more self-acceptance, compassion, honesty, and a deeper understanding and connection to the Radiant All. They find their relationships, work environment, and sense of self greatly improve. They are ready to live life to its fullest, knowing they have many tools to cope with the challenges ahead.

Such transformation would not be as potent if it were not for the group dynamics. One person’s process ignites something in another student which may never have surfaced otherwise. The love, care and support that develops among group members gives each student confidence to make the changes needed to heal.

Group synergy also creates “magical” moments that defy description and take participants beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

You are invited to join the many before you and open to the Light within. The opening brings healing and leads to the treasure.

Learn more at the Hidden Treasure Program website.