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For retreat groups renting Inner Light Lodge, Light on the Hill’s cooks prepare meals in the lodge’s commercial kitchen. Meals at Light on the Hill are gourmet vegetarian with many vegan options. We use organic ingredients wherever possible. We receive high praise about the food we serve.

We are able to accommodate simple dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. However, if a person has a more restrictive diet than this, we suggest that the person bring his or her own food. Those wanting meat may bring cold cuts and cans of tuna, etc. but no meat is allowed to be cooked on the premises. We ask that no liquor be served.

We provide tea and light snacks (fruit, nut butters, and rice cakes) throughout the day for group retreats in the lodge.

Information about group retreat meal rates may be found here.

Individuals in the cottages or huts are invited to bring their own food for meals. As in the lodge, no meat may be cooked or heated in the cottages. Each cottage has a kitchen stocked with cookware, utensils, and dishes, as well as a stove and refrigerator. The huts do not have kitchen facilities. Guests at the huts are encouraged to bring a cooler and an outdoor camp stove to prepare their meals.