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Tending the Flame

Help the flame at Light on the Hill burn brightly!

This giving season, join us in Tending the Flame at Light on the Hill





Light on the Hill exists to offer space for groups and individuals to delve deeply, to reconnect with what is most meaningful and energizing to them, and to take the hope, love, and light they experience here out into the world.

We celebrate how you have helped us fulfill our mission in 2022. Here are some highlights:


  • 661 guests enjoyed 36 group retreats in Inner Light Lodge
  • 96 individuals came for retreats in our cottages and huts, for a total of 266 nights
  • 36 volunteers pitched in to help on 2 volunteer workdays
  • 71 people were active Sustainers
  • Countless people experienced hope, healing, renewal, and transformation through Light on the Hill

This season we invite you to Tend the Flame at Light on the Hill. We invite you to donate to help support the organization’s mission.

Why give now?
The winter months are lean for us. We have fewer individual and group retreats because of the weather and the holidays. But our expenses do not diminish. They are affected by winter fuel and maintenance costs. For you, giving this tax-deductible donation at year-end can soften the blow of taxes in the spring.

What will my gift do?
Your gift will enable Light on the Hill to continue to offer hospitality and welcome to those seeking inner growth and spiritual connection. Here are some specific ways your donation can help. A gift of…

  • $50 will provide electricity to Stillpoint Sanctuary for ten weeks.
  • $100 will fund snow removal for the lodge and cottages for one snowstorm.
  • $200 will provide sand for Cottage Road during the winter.
  • $325 will cover one month’s payment on Blue Beauty, our new work truck.
  • $500 will cover internet and phone costs for three months.
  • $1000 will keep the lodge and cottages heated to a minimum level between retreats this winter.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes! Light on the Hill is a 501(c)(3) organization. We will send you a donation receipt for your donation.

Didn’t I just give a donation to Light on the Hill?
We now have two main donation opportunities each year. In the spring we invite people to become Sustainers. At the end of the year we invite people to donate to our Tending the Flame campaign. We welcome you to give a donation through each campaign.

How is the Tending the Flame campaign different from the Sustainer Program?
Tending the Flame is our year-end fundraiser to help us cover our expenses through the winter months, when our income from retreat guests is diminished. The Sustainer Program runs from June 1 through May 31. The goal of the Sustainer Program is to build a sense of community among those who love Light on the Hill and to provide steady financial support throughout the year. You may learn more about the Sustainer Program here.

What is your goal for Tending the Flame?
We have set two goals for the Tending the Flame campaign for 2022: We hope to have 100+ participants, and to raise $20,000.

How may I give?
You may give by credit card or Paypal by clicking the Donate button below. Or you may send a check to:
Light on the Hill
209 Blake Hill Road
Van Etten, NY 14889
Write “Tending the Flame” in the memo line.

Please join us in Tending the Flame! If you have experienced the energy and love of Light on the Hill, or if you know someone who has, we invite you to give a tax-deductible donation today.