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Light on the Hill’s Wish List

Thank you for your continued support of Light on the Hill! Your energetic and financial contributions are an important part of what makes Light on the Hill thrive as a place of beauty to open the heart.

We deeply appreciate unrestricted gifts to support our operating expenses. Click contribute below to make a donation.

We do also have a list of specific equipment, maintenance, and building improvements below. If you’d like to contribute something specific, the following items (and approximate costs) are organized in terms of priority. Donations can be made via check (mailed to Light on the Hill, 209 Blake Hill Rd, Van Etten NY 14889) or via Paypal on our website.

Approximate Cost
Contributions to our Contingency Fund
Any amount
As Light on the Hill continues to grow and age, new repair and replacement needs surface.
Zero-turn mower
We currently use the tractor to mow, which is awkward around trees and slower than would be the case with a zero-turn mower. LOH has a big lawn!
Larger truck and steel plow
Our yellow truck has been doing a great job, but has always been undersized for the amount of snow plowing required – the clutch wears out and needs frequent replacement. At some point in the future we will need a new truck, and a larger truck and plow could be appropriately sized for the property’s needs.
York rake attachment for tractor
During winter snow plowing, we inadvertently push gravel from our road into the grassy roadside. A York rake will allow us to pull that gravel out of the grass and back onto the road.
Repairs to zone valves and boiler pumps
As equipment ages, the hot water heating system (now 15 yrs old) is no longer operating efficiently
Replace two exterior hallway doors in the Lodge
Multiple wind storms have pulled the doors open and bent the frames; this is also an opportunity to select new doors with latches.
Soundproof door with upper window between the dining room and Lodge hallway
~$6,000 – $10,000
Noise from the kitchen can sometimes be heard by groups in the main meeting space; this is disruptive for group processes and deep or silent meditations.
Additional funding to install solar panels for the Meadow Cottage
Installing solar panels would enable the Meadow Cottage to host people with medical devices who need constant electricity and would also reduce fossil fuel use.
Sander attachment for tractor
We had to replace the sander attachment to keep the parking lot safe during the winter; this expense came out of our operating budget.

If you would like to discuss any of these needs, please feel free to email us at info@lightonthehill.org or give us a call at 607-589-4419.